Wednesday, 12 August 2009

To My Sister......Angah

You are my sister
whom I can share
my joys and sorrows,
You make me comfortable
when I’m sad,
Always know what to do
to make me feel better
and wipe away my tears,
You are my only friend
when all others walk out,
Especially when I need help
and a friend the most.

Angah are the one who understands
every personal event throws at me,
because life’s not always what it seems.
You are the most beloved to me,
As you care so much for me,
Never say no…when I am in need of shoulders to cry and rely on.

Angah my sis......You’ve been my inspiration in so many ways,
You are my sunshine and my best friend,
Your courage and good qualities,
Show your inner and outer beauty,
You guide me to choose the right path so that I never fall.
We have our ups and downs in life,
But no matter what happens to me or to you,
We will insyaAllah make it through,
May Allah bless us always and our families too,
I just want you to know…I LOVE you so much,
And we will always be.....

Yours sisterly luv,

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~PakKaramu~ said...

Salam ramadan al mubarak

Kak Ungku Betty said...

Selamat Datang ke blog saya. Terima kasih...PakKaramu.

~salwaredzuan~ said...

best kan ade sister..i dont have a sister..only two brothers yg suka menyakat..kalau kaka/adik perempuan, sure boleh share mcm2 especially bab bf..hihihih

Kak Ungku Betty said...

memang best...lebih-lebih lagi dapat macam my sister, anugerah Allah yang amat berharga. She's the greatest sister, wife and mother her so much & you too dear...muah

MamaFaMi said...

I too have a sister who is my best-est friend! Beruntungnya kita ada sister yang sedemikian kan Kak Ungku.

Kak Ungku Betty said...

Yelah MamaFaMi itulah di antara anugerah Allah yang cukup istimewa kan? I'll follow ur blog regularly, insyaAllah and would try out some of ur recipes. My sis is coming back for her 1 month holidays with her family this coming December. Kami akan cuba resipi you for our makan-makan activities, hopefully menjadilah! Nice to know you....even though from a distance but near at heart...

A Note From Heart said...

Haha..muka my mom cun gler lam nih..makteh, i'm going to drive to hosp Rafflesia after this..nak visit kak ema, anak mak alang yg br pas bersalin mlm nnt...

Kak Ungku Betty said...

Hosp Rafflesia tu kat mana? Anak mak lang tu kat Sabah/Sarawak jugak ker? Baik2 drive tu..ok? Take care.

roslainy said...

Kak Ngah mmg seorang wanita yg hebat kannn... i luv her 2...

Amzar said...

Oh Ibu... Engkaulah ratu hatiku..

-anak yg terbaek-

Anonymous said...

Konon jer abg am..bluek!

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