Friday, 28 August 2009

How To Have An Interesting Life?

Is your life not quite exciting enough?
Do you think it can have more pizzazz?
If your answer is a resounding yes, then read this article!

Steps :

  1. Get out into the world more. You can't really have a very active or interesting life if you stay inside watching TV all day.
  2. Try new things. Whether it be playing a new game at the arcade, or volunteering for an organization, something new will open your eyes and show you new vistas in life.
  3. Meet new people and pay attention to what is important to them. Learning about others is sure to open up new opportunities that will make your life more engaging.
  4. Get a friend that has an interesting life. They can supply the ideas and you can join in the fun.
  5. Give some thought to what makes you most excited about life. Target your energies to learning more about whatever that might be. Dig right in and decide to develop some skill around your passion. The more deeply you dive into something, the more knowledgeable and interesting you will be.
  6. Travel! Consider a local or an oversea trip. But if these seem just a bit out of reach and further the spread of H1N1 at the moment, an afternoon jaunt to the Museum, or your local zoo can be inspiring too!
  7. Change your perspective on life. Perhaps you already have an interesting life compared to others, but you just don't know it. Step back and appreciate what you have.


  • Remember-only you make your life more interesting. Instead of complaining, do something about it.
  • What lifts your spirit? Go for it!
  • Read biographies of fascinating people who have accomplished amazing things. That might inspire you to do similar things.
  • Try doing crazy stuff. Not bad crazy, or things that will get you into trouble, but good crazylah of course.
  • Don't worry too much about getting into trouble. As long as you conduct yourself wisely, you are better off taking some calculated risks in life. You're only young it before you run out of time.

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