Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Entire Process of Sperm Develop into Fetus... Miracles, Subhanallah, Allahuakbar

About 300 million sperms, but in most of the cases, only one sperm may pass through many obstacles, to fertilize an egg, eventually creating an embryo. Therefore, in general, inside hundreds of millions of sperms every sperm is the winners. Therefore, from this perspective, everyone is best, is the one of billions!


The moment of a sperm trying to enter the egg

Two sperms penetrating an egg’s shell, which is after the twins

A longitudinal fragment of a sperm.
Genetic material stored in the sperm head.

8 days later, a new birth of the embryo positioned on an optimal location,
and adsorption in the mucosa

24 days later, one of the first development organs the heart starts in beating.

After 9 weeks, V-shaped blood vessel growth in the skull fusion Department.

After 20 weeks, fetus is now about 20 cm

After 36 weeks, the fetus is tightly wrapped by the uterus.

Final picture, 40 weeks, the upcoming birth of new life!
Every life is miraculous and sacred, is the masterpiece of nature,
please cherish yourself, be kind to each life!

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