Thursday, 11 March 2010

Press Conference for AF8 Students

Press Conference for the Akademi Fantasia 8 (AF8) Students. Congrats to all students... not bad, you guys!
To be exact on time frame for Maulana's at 3:01min. Menuju Puncak, they all menari beramai2 at 4:28 min. Maulana was the 3rd from right. See how beautifully he sways and moves his body along with the music and the beat...and shuffle a bit (tunjuk skill lah sikit)...haha go Maulana, keep it up!

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dbalkis said...

congrats Maulana, caya sporting la Che Mat n K.Bad kasik Maulana masuk AF!!!! mesti abisla melambung bil AFUNDI MAULANA...

Gud luck for the whole family ya!!!!Hope to c him on final..Amin

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