Thursday, 10 September 2009

Salam Ukhuwah to all my new BLOGGER F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Thank you to my new followers : masood, adikabang, lin, Suhasnida, Amzar, pnhrms, ameen, Viruspadu, Cikgu Sidah, nannie, Umie and mamamin.

To date I have more than 36 followers for my blog...thank you for visiting, reading my postings and supporting "My Colurful Life" blog....Salam Ukhuwah, ceria to all of you.

Many thanks to all the family/bloggers/ hubby, my Blog Guru - Peej, Kak Nani@Marina Monroe, my sis - Angah, my aunty- Cik Ton, my nieces - Nuha, Deqnur, Aqilah, Syirah, my sis-in-law - Ros, Salimah, Ijan, Dayah, Salwa, my lost&found Kak Dillah, Elynn, mucuk2 family, isin_0108, Eisha, nur fahida & Farish.
Others like...mamaFami, haNa, sue & hazila...
Kak Ungku selalu jenguk2 blog recipes & 'dapur' they all.
Tq for sharing your recipes...marvelous & yummy!

Keep blogging to you all.....share your stories/recipes/experiences....have a cheerful, wonderful and colourful life.........

Salam Ukhuwah,
Kak Ungku Betty

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