Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sami Yusuf

Before this I never heard of Sami Yusuf...until I saw his video clip singing 'Asma Allah' on 'youTube' at Dayah's - Never Ending Story' blog. A beautiful song about Asma Allah. Thank you Dayah...

I'm familiar with only 1 of his songs...'Supplication' (never knew this song is sang by Sami Yusuf') 'cos it has been the background/theme song for a few local dramas and documentary like Jejak Rasul.

So who is this guy anyway?

Sami Yusuf was born on July 1980 in the city of Tehran, Iran, moved to Britain when he was 3 and he was raised in West London. He comes from a religious Iranian Azeri family. He can play 11 musical instruments like piano, violin, percussion etc. This handsome British Muslim singer-songwriter was accepted as a composition student at the Royal Academy of Music in London. His music comprises mostly of songs to do with Islam and being a Muslim in today's world and deals with many social and humanitarian issues.

His albums released are Al-Mu'allim (2003), My Ummah (2005) and Without You (2009). His songs are written in English, Arabic, Urdu and Turkish. The vocals, and the songs were all composed, arranged and recorded by Sami Yusuf. Total sales of his albums to-date are more than 5 millions.

He held concerts around the world...performing at the Wembley Stadium and in 2007 his concert in Istanbul,Turkey had gathered 250,000 people. Sami Yusuf's songs have revolutionalised the nasheed industry worldwide and have given birth to a new genre of modern Islamic music.

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