Monday, 5 September 2011

Gambar Raya 2011

Hari Raya Pertama

Kak Ungku & Hubby

Kak Ungku, Hubby & children

Kak Ungku & family

My big Bro and his family

Almost all in the family...

sitting from left: Abang Arfah, me, Orkid, Cik Ton
standing from left: Nabiha & Abang Kathy

from right: Me, Orkid & Cik Ton

from left: Umi Nab, Mak Jah, me & Mak Peah

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Yunne Osman said...

assalam kak engku. wah! meriahnya raya kak engku sekeluarga. i love to see the happy faces in all the pictures. i'm yet to re-size and do a blogpost on our raya pictures hehehe

Kak Ungku Betty said...
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Kak Ungku Betty said...

Walaikumussalam Yunne...I have quite a big family Yunne. There are more photos to upload...and waiting for my cousins to share and tag all the photos too..tak habis2 lagi, hehehe

Looking forward for your Raya photos, mesti meriah jugak kan? Salam Lebaran, maaf zahir & batin to you,hubby, Eshan and your family too ;D

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