Sunday, 28 November 2010

Family Dinner @Kenny Rogers Roasters

Last night, my family & I had our dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters, Jusco, Melaka.
Kak Ungku, hubby, nephews Dino Delan, Daniel Iman who just came back from Shanghai for a short holiday, Dr Abdul Rahman Delan, grandnephews Danial Haimi and Faith Haikal,were having our great time together....enjoying our food...and glorious food! Bon app├ętit....!!

Me, my nephew Daniel Iman, grandnephews Danial & Faith
and nephew Dr Abdul Rahman Delan

Me, Daniel Iman Delan, Danial, Faith and nephew Dino Delan

Burger King @ Kenny Rogers Roasters???
Haha.... my hubby is a picky eater who dislikes chicken,
or considered him as
anti-chicken, so outside food is allowed for him

My hubby.... enjoying his Hot Chocolicious Milk,
BBQ Baked Beans, Aromatic Rice, Fruits Salad and his Burger King!!!

Some of the meals we ordered.....

1/4 Black Pepper Smoked Chicken with Spaghetti & Coleslaw
Roasted ¼ chicken with 3 side dishes & 1 Kenny’s Home-made Muffin
1/4 Black Pepper Smoked Chicken with Chicken Sauce Spaghetti & Mashed Potato
BBQ Baked Beans, Aromatic Rice, Fruits Salad
Macaroni & Cheese
Caesar Salad
enny's Home-made Muffins
Fruit Jelly Delight & drinks

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