Monday, 5 April 2010

Let's Recap Maulana's AF8 Concerts.

Prelude Concert: TEKAD


Concert 2: HASRAT HATI

Concert 3: SO SICK

Let's hear the comments from Norman.
Also the overall comments from the critics panel about Maulana:

What Norman commented..... to all critics panel:

Norman KRU and his team have done their tremendous job so far. Searching and grooming the students who have versatility & commitments. See how versatile Maulana is....he can perform perfectly in various music genre..ballad, jazz, indie, funk, R&B...waiting for classic, broadway, pop, hip hop and keroncong as well. He is blended between two worlds....young & the oldies. Our Maulana has it all...great performances after all 3 concerts so far. Keep it up Maulana!

Thank you to ALL OF YOU (families, friends, fans....) for rallying support and AFUNDI MAULANA.

Latest AFUNDI : 10.40 pm (April 4, 2010).
For the first time MAULANA is at the TOP!

1 Maulana 21 %
2 Ain 17 %
3 Nad 15 %
4 Alif 12 %
5 Adira 11 %
6 Daus 9 %
7 Shahir 8 %
8 Iwan 4 %
9 Farina 3 %

For AFUNDI updates:

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tunbegia said...

semoga maulana berjaya menjadi juara,


~UNai~ said...

saya ada buat entry pasal maulana kat blog saya. tahniah! maulana memang best!!

Kak Ungku Betty said...

Tunbegia: terima kasih, mudah-mudahan.

Kak Ungku Betty said...

Salam perkenalan buat Unai....haha Kak Ungku dah baca your entry... terima kasih atas komen-komen Unai. Cuma lepas ni tak payah lagi cerita pasal Kak Ungkulah yer...just about Maulana, his concerts & his performances.

Nice to know you,anyway Unai, add me in your FB ok? Feel free to visit my blog whenever you're free. Read my entries about JODOH 1-9 my true life stories...ok?

TQVM and take care dear.

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