Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sepintas lalu about this blog...

Salam to all visitors and welcome to my blog.

Alhamdulillah, at last I'm happy to finally launch my blog. So I guess I should introduce myself as Kak Ungku Betty and talk about what you can expect to read from my blog now on.

I enjoy writing and more over I love people to read what I've written. This is my personal blog, so every time I write a simple story or come up with an idea, I'll just pop it here for everyone to see and read. I'll be writing both in Bahasa Malaysia and English as well or 'campurisation' of both languages.

Critics and comments will be part of this blog. Comment what ever you want as long as it's respectful and and in a constructing manner.

As for any information posted here, please if you want to use it for any purpose do inform me first through email. I'll try posting it regularly so bookmark my blog and keep visiting it. This blog will be dedicated to the sharing of my life experiences with all of you.

When you have the rainbow down deep in your heart, you know you're part of that wonderful and colourful life. Wassalam.

See you then,

Kak Ungku Betty

1 Comment:

Marina Monroe said...

Mana lama menghilang nih? Saya dok tunggu2 the next entry... Waduh! pitam hari2 masuk blog tapi tak hupdate! Kita tunggu nih nak baca citer....

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